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We arrived in New York in 1970, from the city of Cuenca, Ecuador. Where Carlos, the owner was originally a jeweler. He translated this passion into Petfashion and Grooming, or simply Petfashion!

From his childhood and on, pets have been a big part of his  life and that’s why he loves them. They are the source of his inspiration for the design of the specialized clothing Petfashion by Carlos brand. Along with his creation of unique jewelry for animals.

Likewise, his love for pets inspired him to create Petfashion, in 2008. He focused on offering a variety of services for their comfort and daily care.

Today at Petfashion we provide everything for your dogs, from clipping and grooming, hotel and daycare, to veterinary service and medication.

We also have a line of products for daily pet care: shampoo, brushes, food and the best brand products. We have dogs of different breeds available and we provide all their required vaccinations and their certification. We are now introducing food for other pets including cats and birds too.

Something unique that differentiates us is our jewelry and accessories line which has been designed exclusively and only for your best friend.

Visit us at Petfashion and Grooming – here you will find something new every day to care your pet.

Carlos Parra


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Why Choose Us

First Class Care

Pet Fashion and Grooming offers a diverse line of custom crafted paw-wear for your furry companion. You will find sneakers, boots, costumes, bejeweled collars, fancy dresses, team jerseys, dog jewelry, dog toys, dog carriers, leashes, harnesses, and all sorts of other accessories for your puppy. Additionally, Pet Fashions by Carlos offers a full-line of dog care products from trusted pet care suppliers, like Vet’s Best, Sentry and many other vendors


“Our Vision is to continue with Petfashion and Grooming through expansion, initially in three of nearby states of New York, with a view to becoming the leading company in the care and beauty market for pets in the state. We want to continue to grow and always offer a service of the highest quality as we are motivated by customer satisfaction.”

10+ Years in Business

Our staff are highly trained staff, each specialized in their specific line of work; they are responsible for providing your pet with the best care and attention.

Our Team

Some names from our team of professionals

Melissa Brewer

5 Years Experience

Sharon Collins

3 Years Experience

Emily Sanders

7 Years Experience

Happy Dogs, Happy Owners

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