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We are a family owned puppy boutique specializing in all dog breeds including toy, small, large and hypoallergenic hybrids. All of our puppies come from a select group of United States Department of Agriculture registered breeders. We visit our breeders and work closely with them to help match puppies with the right families.

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Some of Our Services

Pet Sitting / Pet Hotel

Owners can trust that caring and loving is our highest concern in our environment for pets when their owners are not available. This is more than just a job.

Pet Grooming / Spa

Cleaning and taking care of a dog hygienically. Regular grooming plays an important part in ensuring that a dog's health is maintained, and is an important part of dog care.

Food Product

Maintain the health your pet by using the best brands in the market.

Animal Clinic

Our Veterinarian in charge will do whatever is necessary within their power to make your pet feel better. Your pet will be in good health with us.

Fashion / Jewelry

With popular styles in many sizes, especially in canine clothing and accessories such as personalized Jewelry. The best for your pet.

Care Product

Maintain the health, higiene, and good look on your pet by using the best brands in the market.

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